Top trending mobile games

  1. Among us

This game was released on 15th-Jun-2018 for computers only at a cost of 199rupees. No one wants to buy this game and play so this game was not trending at that time but on 10th-sep-2020 they publish their game on the mobile platform.

After PUBG ban streamers just try this game on their live streams and get a good response from this game people like to watch this game. This game cross 18.4 M downloads in just 1 day and make its position on the top 10 most downloaded gaming list.

2.Call of Duty.(COD)

This game was released on 30th-Sep-2019 with the developers of Tencent games from china. This is a royal battleground game that gives you an excellent gaming experience.

This game was first made for computers only but when the directors of the game analyzed that there is a massive growth of mobile gaming. Then they decided to publish this game for mobile platforms to compete with PUBG mobile.

But when the game was released for mobile people get excited to play this game but after a month people get bored by this game and shifted to PUBG mobile. The reason behind that the graphics were not as much good of pc version.

Then after a year owner of the decision to break their partnership with Tencent and they make a new partnership with Activision publishing. the reason behind this is in many counties govt. start removing Chinese apps from their servers because of security reasons so to Handel this situation they broke their partnership with Tencent and form a new partnership with Activision.

But after the PUBG ban in Sep 2020 people start playing this game again because this game is almost similar to this game.

3. Garena Free Fire

This game was released on 20th-Nov-2017 with Tencent games. they only help to publish this game only for a mobile game and as well as emulator version for computers.

The main purpose of this game is to provide a battle royal experience to the low hand devices. But people start comparing this game with the PUBG mobile game which is a huge game for low hand devices.

Garena free fire started a partnership with Paytm/Paytm first game to enhance the experience of gaming in India after a few months of release.

But now this game is trending because of the competitive platform and many tournaments of huge price pool money.

4. Clash of clans(COC)

This game was released on 30th-sep-2013. This was the first online game for mobiles where we can communicate with others through clan chat and global chat that’s why this game becomes the most played and downloaded game in 2015.

In this game, you have to attack and loot to the other base and upgrade your base by upgrading the town hall and defence.

After the battle royal games like PUBG and cod in 2017 coc was getting vanish because they provide better communication, graphics, servers, and experience than the coc game. So the developers of the company decide to make some changes in the game like better 2D graphics which seems to be 3D than the previous version, seasons and skins of troops and all that stuff, clan league wars, and many more minor changes which make this game more attractive.

In 2019 onwards coc owners start organizing tournaments of huge price pool so that players have a craze of it.

5. Asphalt 9: Legend-Epic arcade racing game

This game was released on 25th-July-2018 for mobile platform but before we this game is available for computers and PSP only asphalt 8 and older version.

This game gives you a true racing experience with HD graphics. You can play this game online and offline as well.

This game has all the luxury racing cars in D, C, B, A, and S grade categories. All car lovers will love this game.

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